Thursday, 27 December 2012

Update on the excavations at Karnak

Salah who is charge of the excavations at Karnak has sent me this great update and photos. Many months ago he showed me round the excavations and told me he was convinced there was a third set of baths there so I was very excited for him when he found them. Below he says he thinks there are even more and I bet he is right. there was a good article published in Ancient Egypt magazine July 2012

From Salah  Elmasekh

Here is the pic for the our excavation At the first we found three Baths in the front of Karnak temples
the first Bath "Ptolemaic baths "dating back to 250 BC and you this consists of two circle Rooms inside each one 16 seat and the 2nd one in the mosico floor there is beatuiful decorations with two animals from the sea and the Nile and after that you every think about this one
- the 2nd Baths is Roman one dating back to 200 AD and this Bath still work for long time more 200 year's and the article in the magazine
- the 3rd Baths "2nd Ptolemaic baths " lie out in the site between the two baths ath the North the first one by 25m and at the south of Roman baths directly and under it this baths dating back to 200 BC and the oldest one until now this Bath consists of from many Rooms 3 inside the 2nd one there is two seats bigger size for two person to have shower inside it and beside the seats there is bath tub and all the floor of these rooms covered by mosico floor and these floor have very slop shape two the west for a reason to take all the waste water out side of the baths and in west side we found two pipes the first one for waste water and the 2nd one for the Hot water and the extention of this baths extended under the 2nd Baths there is opinion talking about that baths this private baths but I think there no private in the front of Karnak it mean's in that time there a palace in Ptolemaic time but not in that site because if see all the baths we found all of them in the same area and the same direction it means also that area for the baths to reception for the visitor's before visit the temple and all the baths in the left hand for the person enter the temple , I'm so happy for all the work really especially with this baths and all of them with different design so very good for me and in my opinion I think there more Baths in the front of Karnak temples not 3 only because if we imagine about the number's of the visitor and jut we work only in the left side what about the write side .me and my team we would like to thanks for Mr Ibrahim Soliman the General director of karnak temples for his support to us really we like him so much any way thanks

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