Sunday, 15 October 2017

Disabled Luxor????

Over the past weeks, Luxor started paving all the roads and routes to welcome and receive tourists, equipping the temples with all services and supporting visitors with special needs.

I am crossing my fingers and toes but this sentence seems to indicate my campaign is having an effect. I had not heard a thing but I am hoping all the information I having been pouring into peoples ears, like the governor, might have been listened too. Can you let me know if you see results and send a picture?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Nile Magazine publishes Accessible Egypt

Two steps forward with this great article but one step back with no progress from Helm or the Ministry. So frustrating, hopefully this might make a difference.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

New Ticket Prices 1st November 2017

Ticket prices for Egyptians went up 1st October but ticket prices for foreigners go up 1st November thanks to Hussein Omar and Mohamed A Fahmy for confirming that. I have not got all the prices but this is my best guess. Especial thanks to Mohamed for going through them and correcting my errors where he could

I just phoned Ahmed Khalifa at the Luxor Pass office and he said there is no change to the Luxor Pass

Just received this flyer in Arabic via EEF

Current  Nov-17  Student
Site Old  New
Abydos Road Abydos   40 80
Abydos Road Dendera Temple    40 80
Alexandra Catacombs (Kom Al Shokafa) 40 60
Alexandra Bibloteca Of Alexandria 70 120
Alexandra  Montazah Garden 7 15
Alexandra  Pompay's Pillar 30 60 30
Alexandra  Roman Museum 40 60 Closed
Alexandra National Museum 80
Alexandra  Roman Theatre 50 80 40
Alexandra Qaitbay Citadel Day 30 40 20
Alexandra Qaitbay Citadel Night 50 25
Alexandra Birds’ Villa At Kom El Dekka  20
Alexandra Catacombs (Kom El Shokafa)  40 60
Alexandra El Anfoushy Archaeological Site  25 40
Alexandra El Shatby Site  24 40
Assuit El Hamameya  30 - 15  40 20
Assuit Meir Tomb  30 40 20
Aswan  High Dam 30 ? not confirmed yet as the high dam as it belongs to a different ministry 
Aswan  Philae Temple  60 100
Aswan  Sound and Light Philae Temple  75 150
Aswan  Unfinished Obelisque 40 60
Aswan Abu Simbel 115 160
Aswan Special Sunrise Feb Oct 240
Aswan Aswan Museum  40 80
Aswan Botanical Garden of Kitchener 10 not confirmed yet as the high dam as it belongs to a different ministry 
Aswan Nubian Art Museum  ?60 100 50
Aswan Temple Of Kalabsha  ?45 60
Aswan Unfinished Obelisk  40 80
Aswan El Sebouaa Area< 50 70
Aswan Princes Tombs  40 60
Aswan  Anba Samaan Monastery  ?30 40
Aswan Road Edfu Temple  60 100
Aswan Road El Kab Tombs  40 60
Aswan Road Esna Temple  30 40
Aswan Road Gebel Silsila Temple Of Hor-Moheb  30 40
Aswan Road Kom Ombo Temple And Crocodiles Museum  40 80
Aswan Road Moalla El Mamela Tomb At Esna  20 40
Aswan Road Tod Temple El Towed Temple  30 40
Bubastis Tel Basta Archaeological Site  30 60
Cairo  Coptic Museum 60 100 50
Cairo Abu Seir Pyramids  60-30 st 80 40
Cairo Citadel Mahka  30- 15 st 40 20
Cairo Citadel Of Saladin In Cairo  60 100 50
Cairo Dahshur Pyramid  40 80
Cairo Gayer Anderson Museum  40-20 st  60 30
Cairo Meidoum Pyramid  40- 20 st  60 30
Cairo Tree Of The Virgin At Matareyah  20 40 20
Cairo Coptic Museum  60 100
Cairo El Harawy House  15 30
Cairo Fostat City  10 20
Cairo Islamic Art Museum  50 100
Cairo Manial Palace Museum  100 100
Cairo Nilometer At Rodah Island  15 20
Cairo Giza  Sound and Light at Pyramids 75 150  175 VIP
Cairo Giza Giza Pyramids Archeological Site  80 120
Cairo Giza Giza great pyramid+ pyramids archeological area+ solar boat 400 200
Cairo Giza Great Pyramid  200 300 150
Cairo Giza Mencaura Pyramid (rd Pyramid)  40 80
Cairo Giza Second Pyramid  40 80
Cairo Giza Solar Boat Museum  50 80
Cairo Museum Egyptian Museum  75 120
Cairo Museum Mummy Room  100 150
Cairo Sakkara  Memphis 40 80
Cairo Sakkara Causeway Of Unas Pyramid  5
Cairo Sakkara Horemheb, Maya, OK tombs 30 50 25
Cairo Sakkara Imhotep Museum 30
Cairo Sakkara Mereuka 50 80
Cairo Sakkara New Tombs At Sakkara  40 80
Cairo Sakkara Princes 40 80
Cairo Sakkara Sakkara Archaeological Site  80 120
Cairo Sakkara Serapium 100 160
Citadel cairo Beir Yousef  ?30 40
Dakhla Oasis  Deir El Hagar Temple  30 40
Dakhla Oasis  Doush Temple   30 40 20
Dakhla Oasis  Ein Aseil  ?30 40
Dakhla Oasis  Ezbet Bashandy  ?30 40
El Kharga El Ghoueita  ?30 40
Fayum El Lahoun Pyramid  40 60
Fayum Hawara Pyramid  40 60
Fayum Karaneis Area  40 60
Fayum Karoun Temple  40 60
Fayum Kom Osheim Museum At Fayoum  20 40
Kharga Oasis El Zayan Temple  ?30 40
Luxor Assasif Tomb  40 60
Luxor Ay Tomb  30 40
Luxor Benji, Khonsu, Userhet 30 40
Luxor Carter House 50 80
Luxor Colossus free  free
Luxor Deir El Bahary Temple  50 80
Luxor Deir El Medina Tombs  40 80
Luxor Isis Temple 40 80
Luxor Karnak Temples  80 120
Luxor Khokha El Khoukha Area  30 40
Luxor Luxor Museum  100 160
Luxor Luxor Temple  60 100
Luxor Medinet Habu Temple  40 60
Luxor Menna And Nakht  30 60
Luxor Merenptah Temple  20 40
Luxor Mut Temple 40 80
Luxor Mummification Museum At Luxor  60 80
Luxor Open Air Museum At Karnak  40 80
Luxor Pabasa Babaza Tomb  30 40
Luxor Pashedu  30 40
Luxor Qurnet Marie 40 40
Luxor Rameses Vi At Valley Of Kings  50 90
Luxor Ramesseum Temple  40 60
Luxor Ramouze Tomb  40 60
Luxor Roy & Sheroy  20 40
Luxor Sennefer & Rekhmire 30 40
Luxor Seti I Temple Of Seti The First  30 60
Luxor Seti Tomb 1000 1000
Luxor Taftaf  4 4
Luxor Tomb Of Nefertari 1000 1000
Luxor Tutankhamun  100 200
Luxor User Hat , Khonsu & Benya  40 80
Luxor Valley Of The Kings  100 160
Luxor Valley Of The Queens  50 80
Luxor Elwet Abd El Gorna  ?30 40
Minya Akhenaton Tomb  30 - 15st  40 - 20 st
Minya Beni Hassan Tombs  40 60
Minya Beni Soueif Museum  20 40
Minya Freizar Tomb  30 40 20
Minya Tel El Amarna  40 60
Minya Tona El Gebel & Ashmounin  30 60 30
Minya Malawy Museum  20 40
Mo'az street Ashraf Barespay School (Medressah)  10 20
Mo'az street Bashtak Palace  10 20
Mo'az street El Darb El Asfar  25 40
Mo'az street El Ghoury Collection  15 30
Mo'az street El Nasr & El Foutouh Gates  15 30
Mo'az street El Seheimy House  35 50
Mo'az street El Sennary House  30 40
Mo'az street El Set Wasila  15 30
Mo'az street House Of Gamal El Din El Zahaby  15 30
Mo'az street Nafisa Al Bayda  10 20
Mo'az street Wekalet Al Ghoury  15 30
Mo'az street Wekalet Bazaraa  25 40
Mo'az street Zeinab Khatoun House  15 30
Mo'az street Zewiela Gate  15 30
New Valley El Mozawaka  ?30 40
Red Sea El Kousair Fortress  15 30
Sohag Merit Amoun Statue  30 40
Sohag El Araba El Madfouna At Abydos  40 80
Western Oasis Bahareia Oasis  60 100
Western Oasis El Bagawat Area At Oasis  40 60
Western Oasis Gebel El Mawta (Mountain Of Dead) At Siwa  ?30 40
Western Oasis Heibes Temple  40 80
Western Oasis Temple Of Oracle Of Amun At Siwa  ?30 40
Egyptian Treasures Exhibition  20
Graves Of The Royal Family Of Mohamed Ali  25 40
Greco-Roman Museum  50 100  closed
Ismaelia Museum  30 40
Jewelry Museum  50 80
Mariet Razna Museum At Zagazig Governorate  10
Matareyah Obelisk  30 60
Meir Metkal School (Medressah)  10
Mohamed Bek Abu El Zahaby Collection 
Museum Of Meit Rehyna ( Memphis Museum ) 
Mustafa Kamel Archaeological Site 
New Valley Museum(Al Wadi El Gedid  35 60
Port Said Museum 
Rashid Archaeological Area  15 40
Rashid National Museum  30 40
Refaei Mosque  40 60
Romel Cave Museum  10 40
Royal Chariots Museum  30 60
Saladin Fortress At Taba ( In Usd)  $ Usd 12$ 12$
San El Hagar Museum  20 40
Sebil Ali Bek Al Kebeir In Tanta Free
Sebil And Kottab Of Sultan Queitbay  30 40
Sebil Island 
Sultan Hassan Mosque  40 60
Taba Museum 
Tanta Museum 

Sunday, 24 September 2017

POW - Pop up Walks in Luxor,...

Image may contain: text and outdoor

Come join us on the first Pow! Walk of winter 2017
We're going Bananas with a walk on the wild side!!
On the East Bank in front of the mummification museum at 7:50am
On the West Bank in front of the Nile Valley Hotel at 8am
We look forward to seeing you all there!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

KV8 Merenptah Snippet

Lyla Pinch Brock is finishing up Ted Brocks work in the Valley of the Kings, we very privileged that she is staying at Flats in Luxor

When Ted sadly died he was still in the middle on things in the tomb. As his wife Lyla is a well known archeologist in her own right she is the perfect person to complete his work

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Exclusive photos from the new Kampp 390 tomb by Lyla Pinch Brock

Official Press Release on new tomb Kampp 390

Today at Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor west bank, Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khaled El-Enany announces the discovery of a New Kingdom tomb that belongs to god Amun’s Goldsmith, Amenemhat (Kampp 390) and a burial shaft housing the mummy of a lady and her two children.

Luxor Governor, Mohamed Badr attended the announcement ceremony as well as Members of Parliament and a group of foreign ambassadors to Egypt, heads of foreign archaeological institutes in Cairo and top officials from the Ministry of Antiquities.

The discovery was carried out by an Egyptian archaeological mission led by Dr. Mostafa Waziri, Director General of Luxor who said that the newly discovered tomb includes of an entrance located in the courtyard of another Middle Kingdom tomb number Kampp150. The entrance leads to a squared chamber where a niche is found at its end. Inside it a partly damaged duo sandstone statue depicting the tomb’s owner and his is found. The statue shows Amenemhat sitting on a high back chair beside his wife who wears a long dress and a wig. Between their legs stands, in a smaller scale, a little figure of one of their sons.

Dr. Waziri pointed that the tomb has two burial shafts. The first one is located to the right of the chamber and probably had been dug to bury the mummy of the diseased and his wife. It is of seven meters deep where a collection of mummies, sarcophagi and funerary masks carved in wood along with a collection of statuettes of the tomb's owner and his wife.
The second shaft was uncovered to the left where a collection of 21st and 22nd dynasties sarcophagi was discovered but regretfully was subjected to deterioration during the Late Period.

In the courtyard, the mission stumbled upon a group of burial shafts which probably date to the Middle Kingdom. In one of them, the mission unearthed a family burial of a woman and her two children. It includes of two wooden coffins and a collection of head rests. The mummies of the children were found inside one the coffins while the second has the mother's mummy.

Sherine Ahmed Shawqi, Egyptologists who is specialized in bones said that early studies on these mummies show that the woman died at the age of 50-year-old and during her life she was suffering from several diseases. She suffered of cavities that led to an abscesses in her jaws; a bacterial disease in her bones.

"This woman probably cried extensively as the size of her carbuncular are abnormally enlarged," Shawqi said adding that inside the coffin the head-rest of the deceased woman was found as well as a group of pottery vessels.

The second coffin, she continued, has the mummies of her two children and early studies on them show that they belong to two adult males of age ranging between 20 to 30 year-old. Both mummies are in a very good mummification condition as the mummification liquids could be shown on their bones.

One of the male mummies shows that he was suffering from cavities during his life while the second mummy shows that it was probably put later in the same coffin because it was randomly installed and the bones were bare.

Archaeologist Mohamed Baabash said that during excavations, the mission stumbled upon several funerary objects, which some belongs to the tomb’s owner. Among the discovered artifacts are limestone remains of an offering table; 4 wooden sarcophagi partly damaged and decorated with hieroglyphic texts and scenes of different ancient Egyptian deities, and a sandstone duo statue of a trader in king Tuthmose III’s temple named “Mah,”.

A collection of 150 ushabti figurines carved in faience, wood, burned clay, limestone and mud brick was also unearthed.

The mission has also unearthed a collection of 50 funerary cones, 40 of which are evidence of the presence of other tombs belonging to four officials. The exact location of the later has not been yet found.

These officials are Maati; Bengy, Rourou and vizier Ptahmes.

The other stamps belong to Neb-Amun, the grains’ harvester and the supervisor of god Amun grain storehouses, whose tomb probably TT145 and Nebsenu, the High Priest of god Amun whose tomb probably Kampp 143.